Next Level Training
Define your movement profile within one minute
Encoder (position testing)

The Linear Encoder is a small (10 x 10 x 10cm) box that can be connected to a bar, person, or many fitness devices, like leg press, puley devices, etc. It measures the distance at 1000 times per second.

The software automatically calculates and stores constant position, velocity, force and power, which can be seen in a graph or table.

The analysis offers much information on your Performance Capacity, like the Force-Velocity-Power relation, 1RM, and Movement Profile (Load, Explode, Drive).

The data provide direct information you can use to plan and evaluate the optimal training program.

Click here to view a video with an Encoder test.
Results are directly shown on the screen, and can be used for extra motivation.
Load - Explode - Drive define your movement profile.

The movement profile defines your strengths and weaknesses in performance, including injury risk, independant of your type of sports. The test only takes one minute, and full analysis is received instantly.
Force-Velocity-Power Analysis.

Define your Force-velocity-Power relationship using only 3 tests with different weights.

With this information you can decide if you should train with high or low resistance, i.e. increase force or velocity.
Perform 1RM test without using heavy weights. This way you can test your 1RM more regularly at low risk.
Compare results with earlier sessions to see your development.

Compare results with other people.

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