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Training and Rehabilitation develop at a fast rate through scientifical knowledge and practical innovations.

Our test devices offer fast and accurate analysis of your preformance capacities, provided by our unique and powerful software.

Objective data are the basis for optimal training and rehabilitation programming. In-depth practical Force Plate and Encoder Analysis have been boosting since the last 10 years, and have been developed into fast providers of a Movement Profile with Performance Qualities and Injury Risks.

Clinical Databases helped us developing Norms to establish individual performance programs, prevent injuries, and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of rehabilitation programs.

Testing, analysis and programming is possible within one minute, so frequent testing becomes possible without loosing valuable training time.


In Training, we play with force, time, and freedom of movement. The Vertimax & FieldPower systems specifically trigger reactive and high speed power by changing acceleration, not mass, onto the body. Flywheel systems use the individual's pulling force to stimulate high breaking and propulsive force production, activating muscles at the full movement range of motion. The tilting platform moves the whole body in a natural biomechanical way, triggering the neuromuscular system to maintain balance and control, and consequently improve effective force production and relaxation.

The special equipment offers lower training risks and specific training effects necessary for optimal physical development.

The products are easy and safe to use, and offer Stimuli at all Levels. Therefore, these Products are used from Top Sports up to Medical Centres by people of all Levels and all Ages.


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