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Eccentric Training

Flywheel (yoyo) Training

Flywheel Training - Inertial, Eccentric Training - offers exercise possibilities for all people, at any level. You can train at maximum rate during the whole session. You can change the speed of movement by changing the resistance. Training at maximum force during each repetition brings higher results. You can stop any time.

The high and controlled Eccentric Muscle Activation is an important feature, improving Stability, Braking ability, and thus Agility.

As the resistance is built up relatively slowly, tendons are not stretched like in fast SSC activities, and therefore this training form is recommended for people suffering from tendonitis and in musculotendoneous rehabilitation.

The Squat device is used mostly for squat or split squat exercises, but can also be used for trunk or upper body exercises. The Wall and Conic Systems offer vertical pulley resistance.
Flywheel Training is a safe and controlled way of training, which makes it interesting for top sports, and accessible for special - lower taxable - populations.
The Conic and Wall Systems are specifically designed for upper body and arm training, and also lower body exercises (picture below).

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