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Force Plate

The Performance Tester Force Plate measures left, right, front, and rear force separately at high frequency, and is the most sophisticated, accurate, and specific test system available in the market. From the data, our software calculates Load, Explode, Drive, Left:Right differences, and Technique automatically within seconds, and you can plan and evaluate your training right away.

One jump is already sufficient to receive your individual movement profile. This profile defines your strengths and weaknesses in performance, including injury risk, independant of your type of sports. The test only takes one minute, and full analysis is received immediately.

The movement profile is directly linked to advice for specific exercises. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your training through repeated testing  As the test only takes one minute, it can be done very frequently, so you can monitor your training efficiency without loss of valuable training time.

Click here to view a video of a test and analysis.

The Counter Movement Jump is the test form that offers the most Movement Profile information.

If a jump is not possible, one can choose for a squat (chair rising test). This will inform you of  crucial Functional Capacities.

The Performance Tester offers several other Test Protocols & Analyses, like Drop Jump, Repeated Jumps, Balance Test, etc. We also offer Tailor-made Programs.

Graphical overview of Force, velocity, and Height during a jump.

Power Score = performance, risk of falling.

Load, Explode, and Drive offer direct insight of your ability to Stabilize, Change Direction (Agility), Accelerate, and produce maximal Speed. It also shows injury risk levels for specific joints and muscles.

Left-Right Balance in several phases of a jump inform you about loss in performance, and injury risks.

The Technique Factor informs you of your technique, and is related to loss in Performance and Knee injuries.

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