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Tilting Platform

The tilting platform moves the whole body in a natural biomechanical way, triggering the neuromuscular system to maintain balance and control, and consequently improve effective force production and relaxation.

As the movement is relatively small, the exercise is easily executed by people of all levels.

Depending on the body position, one can stimulate the whole body of part of the body, and regulate the intensity.

The Frequency setting is crucial, and offers 4 levels of stimulation:
• Relaxation / Regeneration
• Coordination
• Muscle Activation
• Tissue Strengthening / Scar Tissue /

1. Relaxation / Regeneration
The frequency used here equals the brain's sleep frequency (alpha mode). Brain and Muscles interact with each other, which can be shown by a congruent frequency. The alpha mode frequency therefore relaxes not only the muscles, but also influences the state of mind, changing to relaxed. Regeneration is drastically improved through several mechanisms in the whole body:
• Activation of the muscle pump mechanism
• Increased circulation through relaxation of
• Rhythmic, massage-like manipulation of
  Soft Tissue
• Resetting of the Autonomous System to
  Relaxed State.

2. Coordination
The Rhythmic Tilting Movement moves the active body in a natural, biomechanical way. The muscles are activated and relaxed in a rhythmic, coordinative manner, providing a smooth and balanced stance.

This frequency setting is used mainly by neurological patients, people with low back pain, shoulder pain (incl. frozen shoulder), and in post-operation patients.

3. Muscle Activation
The Muscle Activation frequency is used to bring the muscles in a healthy, active state. For muscles with low tonus this means an increase of the tonus, for muscles with high tonus this means a lowering of the tonus.

This technique is used at all levels, from top sports to rehabilitation, from children to 3rd aged people.

Just 1-2 minutes of stimulation is sufficient to bring the effect one needs. For people who did not recover well from earlier activities (yesterday's training, a long walk) it is used to be prepared again for the coming task. It also deminishes muscle cramps and muscle soreness (like DOMS). Training can proceed at a high level.

4. Tissue Strengthening / Scar Tissue /

For Tissue Strengthening, like bone (osteopenia) and skin, this frequency is used effectively. Cells are renewed all the time, and this stimulation evokes the production of better functioning cells. For bone this means stronger, better aligned cells, for skin more elasticity and better circulation.

Scar Tissue and Calcifications are deminished through a soft, deep movement within the tissue. As the stimulation is brought onto the body in a natural way, it does not evoke the pain that can be seen with shockwave therapy.
Stability Training at the Chinese Olympic Centre (click here for video).
Stimulation is possible at all physical levels.
The effects are proven by hundreds of scientifical publications.

Click here to download an overview of scientifical studies.

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