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Force Plate

One jump on the Performance Tester Force Plate is already sufficient to receive your individual movement profile. This profile defines your strengths and weaknesses in performance, including injury risk, independant of your sports background. The test only takes one minute, and full analysis is received immediately.

The movement profile is directly linked to advices for specific exercises. You can evaluate the effectiveness of your training through repeated testing  As the test only takes one minute, it can be done very frequently, so you can monitor your training efficiency without loss of valuable training time.

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Power Score is correlated to performance, risk of falling, and osteopenia.

Encoder (position testing)

Test your Force-velocity, power, and 1RM performance, and movement profile (Load, Explode, Drive) during many exercises, like squat, jump, bench press, leg press, pulley exercises, et cetera. The data provide direct information you can use to plan and evaluate the optimal training program.

Power depends on Force and velocity  (P=F*v), and is considered to reflect your performance capacity the best way. Different training stimuli are specific in their influence on force, velocity, power and reactive power capacity. From low weight test data, 1RM can be calculated. Therefore, the encoder data provide crucial, objective data that help you to decide what qualities have to be improved, and evaludate wether your training program was successful.

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Force-Velocity-Power Analysis.
Encoder connection to bars.
Contact Mat

Test your jump height, reactive abilities, or sprint capacity using the Power Tester Contact Mat. The software automatically calculates flight and contact times, jump height, reactive strength index, and other data. You can compare data with the group or over time for training evaluation.

Objective data are a necessity if you want to evaluate the performance status of individuals or groups. The contact mat and our software offer fast data and elaborate analysis possibilities.

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Timing Gates

We offer easy to transport and set up wireless timing gates. Our app on your phone or tablet communicates through bluetooth with the timing gates up to 250 meter away (open space). Data is stored automatically. Your phone/tablet can also be used as group finish timer, so several athletes can run at the same time.

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