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Acceleration Training

Acceleration Training is the most effective and safest way to improve your reactive force (Stability, Agility) capabilities, and to improve your Jump Height, Power and Drive.

With Acceleration Training, the body has to act faster, and is stimulated during the whole movement, yet without unwanted force peaks, which separates this training form from weight training and other training forms.

In Depth ...
Acceleration Training brings top athletes to the next level, but it also facilitates low taxable people to move better and increase their functional level.
Flywheel (yoyo) Training

Flywheel Training, officially Inertial Resistance Training, is a relatively new Training form. In this exercise, the Power you produce while extending (concentric movement) will come back to you when bending (eccentric movement). One can produce maximum force during each repetition, which makes the exercise more effective than weight lifting.

Eccentric Training is also important, because it improves Stability, Braking ability, and thus Agility.

As the resistance is built up relatively slowly, this training form is especially well suited for people suffering from tendonitis.

In Depth ...
Flywheel Training is a safe and controlled way of training, which makes it interesting for top sports, and accessible for special - lower taxable - populations.

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