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Acceleration Training

Unique Biomechanics combined with Maximum Freedom of Movement make this Training Form outstanding from any other exercise.

We call it Acceleration Training, because Acceleration is increased instead of Mass.

Force = Mass * Acceleration

Acceleration Training stimulates the body at different parts of the movement, specifically at high Velocity and Power. The effects can be noticed directly. Scientifical studies show increases in jump height and power are more than 4 times higher when implementing Acceleration Training in Amateur and Professional Athletes.

The movement is not slower, and in fact people get faster and more explosive right away after Acceleration Training.

Acceleration Training is the most effective and safest way to improve your reactive force (Stability, Agility) capabilities, and is therefore used for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Knee, Ankle, and Hip injuries, and Neuromuscular Deficiencies.

Combining Acceleration with Weights will bring extra rise in Maximum Force.

Acceleration Training is considered a very safe Training Form, and is therefore used not only in Top Sports, but also in Elderly Training, and it's the most valued Training Form for children aged 8 to 16 year.

Our Mobile Acceleration Training Systems can easily be transported and mounted anywhere in the Field.
Acceleration Training brings top athletes to the next level, but it also facilitates low taxable people and children to move better and increase their functional level.
Mobile Acceleration Training Systems can easily be transported and positioned on the Field.

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